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Our broad profile of products includes :

Analytical   Process  Petro-Chemical  Environmental  Material Testing Packaging General Laboratory instruments Microbiological Instruments


Atomic Absorpition Spectrophotometer

Microwave Digestion System

Microwave Extraction System

Kjeldhal Digestion System

Gas Chromatograph

Gas Analyzer

Gas Generator

Fat Analyzer

Protein Analyzer

Moisture Analyzer

Chocolate Temper Meter

Surface Analysis System

VOCs Analyzer

FTIR Spectrophotometer

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer


pH Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter

Flow Transmitter

Flow Meter

Temperature Transmitter

Level Transmitter

Chlorine Analyzer

Pressure Meter

DO2 analyzer

Conductivity Transmitter


Melting Point Tester

Flash Point Tester


Oil Thickness Monitor

Oil/Water Separator Monitor

Oil/Water % Concentration Monitor

Rotary Viscometer

Kinematic Viscometer

Congealing Point Tester

Carbon Residue Apparatus

Dissolved Gas Extractor

Breakdown Voltage (BDV) Tester


Low Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Baths

Low Temperature Brookfield Viscosity

Viscosity Bath

Auto-ignition Apparatus


Density Meter

Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer

TAN Analyzer

TBN Analyzer

Salt in Crude Analyzer

Automatic Aniline Point Analyzer

Freezing Point Apparatus

Automatic Distillation Analyzer

Manual Two Positions Distillation Apparatus

Oxidation Stability Analyzer/Baths.

Corrosiveness and Oxidation Stability

Oxidation Stability of Mineral Insulating Oil

Oxidation Stability Of Distillate Oil

Universal Oxidation Stability Baths

Cigre Baths for Oxidation Stability of Oils

Copper Corrosion Tester

Cloud, Pour, Freeze and Cold Filter Plugging Point Testers

Dew Point Apparatus

Octane Engine Automation/ Dehumidifier-Chiller/ Fuel Blender

Water & Sediments in oil Testers

Heated Baths for Density, Specific Gravity and API Gravity.

Automatic Filter Plugging Tendency Analyzer

High Temperature Stability of Distillate Fuels


Air Flow Meter

Digital Light Meter

Weather Station

Emission Monitoring System

Gas Detector

Sound Level Meter

Radio Monitoring System

Oil in Water Monitor

Material Testing

Abrasion Tester

Adhesion Tester

Bottle Burst Testing

Coating Thickness Tester

Color Meter

Deformation Tester

Dispersion Tester

Gloss Meter

Hardness Tester

Haze Tester

IR Thermometer

Melting Point Tester

Opacity Meter

Peel Tester

Pin Hole Tester

Prosity Tester

Specific Gravity Tester

Surface Roughness Tester

Tensile Tester

Compression Tester

Texture Analyzer

Thickness Tester

Transparancy Tester

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Vibration Tester



Weather O Meter

X-Ray Flaw Detector

Rub Tester

Heat Seal Tester

Water Vapor Permeation Tester

Leakage Tester

Impact Tester

Portable Hardness Tester

Infrared Thermometer

Portable Vibration Meter

Kerbs Viscometer

Transparance Haze Meter

Portable Color Reader

Portable Color Difference Reader

Bench top Color Meter

Portable Color Spectrophotometer

Color Matching Cabinet

Color Comparator with C Illuminanat

Lovibond Tintometer

Whiteness Meter


Handheld Density Meter

Transmission Densimeter

Scrach Tester

Washability & Abrasion Tester

Paper Friction Tester

Salt Spray Cabinet

Corrosion Tester

UV Light Curing Machine

Electronic Inkometer

Ink Mixer

Ink Setting Tester

Printing Proofer

Printability Tester

Print Ink Adaptability Tester

Emulsification Tester

Drying Tester

Handheld Viscometer


Seam Analyzer for Beverage & Food Cans

Can Testing Instruments.

Inline Inspection System for Can ends

Inline Inspection System for Cans

Food Can Analyzer

Beverage Can Analyzer

Bead Depth Gauge

Clearance Gauge

Can Profile Analyzer

End Profile Analyzer

Score Residual Gauge

Radial Load Tester

Buckle Tester for easy open Ends

Pop and Tear Gauge

Axial Load Tester

Buckle Tester for Seamed End Tester

Seam Stripper for Food Cans

Saw for Food Cans

Coulometric Tin Coating Thickness Tester

Can Height Gauge

Seam Height, Body Hook and Counter Sink Gauge

Can Body Plug Diameter Gauge

Flage Width Gauge for Food Cans

Quality Control System for Beverage Cans

Beverage Buckle & Burst Tester

Automatic Seam Inspection System

Double Seam Saw for Beverage Cans

Wall Thickness Gauge

Beverage Dome Depth Gauge

Beverage Can Stripper

Automatic Beverage Saw

Multidimensional Gauge for Aerosol Gauge

Aerosol Can Seam Analyzer

Adaptive Seam Thickness Gauge for Aerosol Cans

Buckle & Burst Tester Aerosol Cans

Buckle & Burst Tester for Aerosol Ends

Body Blank Gauge

Aerosol Dome Depth Gauge

Enamel Rater

Multilayer Plastics Analyzer

Optical Sheet Inspection System

High definition Plastic Sheet Analyzer

Seam Analyzer for Oil Filters

Medical Aluminum Aerosol Capcule Tester

Aluminum Capsule Saw

Double & Triple Seam Gauge for Pails, Drums and Large Cans

General Laboratory instruments






Conductivity Meter

DO Meter

Flame Photometer



Magnetic Stirrer


Mixer & Homogenizer

Moisture Analyzer


pH Meter




Rotory Evaporator


TDS Meter

Temp & Humidity Meter


Turbidity Meter

Ultrasound Cleaner

Vaccum Pump

Water Bath

CO2 Incubator

Fume Hood

Laminar Flow Cabinet

Ion Meter